University of Illinois, Ethnography of the University Initiative

Since 2002 the University of Illinois has run the Ethnography of the University Initiative. The initiative has led to the creation of over 140 related courses and 1,2000 student projects. To learn more about the initiative please click here.

“At Berkeley” Documentry Review

“At Berkeley” directed by Frederick Wiseman is conspicuous for not identifying the scores of people shown teaching, studying and exchanging ideas in and out of the classroom. Without overtly editorializing, the film quietly and steadfastly champions state-funded public education available to all.

Undercomming Projects

The Undercommoning Project is an alliance of outcasts and fugitive knowledge workers struggling in the margins and on the edges of the universities that wrought us. As a network, the project group aims to connect to one another both continentally and locally, appropriating where they can enable the new technologies of digital communication and meeting in person when possible.

Remaking the University

Remaking the University is a blog generated by Michale Meranze and Christopher Newfield. They bring an interdisciplinary background to the analysis of a range of topics in American Studies, innovation theory, and “critical university studies,” a field which they helped to found. 

Provisional University

The Provisional University is an autonomous research project that emerges in response to the precarious conditions that the project members find themselves living and working in and a desire to transform them. For them this has meant developing research practices that are situated within the crises of our everyday lives. 

The new school’s finances: overview and questions

The new school, like many others in the world, forecasts a severe financial crisis as a result of the response to COVID-19. It has, as a result, preemptively announced job furloughs and other severe measures, including pay cuts to faculty and staff. Click here to see a report on the New School’s finances prepared by Sanjay Reddy.

Eurozine – “University” section

Eurozine is a network of European cultural journals, linking up more than 90 partner journals and associated magazines and institutions from nearly all European countries. It has a section on Universities, covering topics such as academic freedom, equality, and democracy.

The Institute of Radical Imagination

The Institute of Radical Imagination aims to rethink cultural institutions, including the university. It is a group of curators, activists, scholars and cultural producers with a shared interest in co-producing research, knowledge,  artistic and political research-interventions, aimed at implementing post-capitalist forms of life.