Critical Interventions

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Students, staff, faculty and librarians actively create University Worlds by mobilizing to challenge policies, demand accountability, and making interventions that sometimes end up becoming normalized parts of the institution. Here we have assembled an initial archive of documents and links regarding some prominent interventions of the period 2010-2020. Many of these interventions are covered in the student-run newspaper The Varsity and other media. Many topics have been taken up by The List, “UT Faculty and Friends, working towards a just and accessible university,” a group that formed in 2015 in support of a strike by graduate student teaching assistants.

Our aim here is to assemble an archive of primary documents and key links for some prominent interventions in the period 2010-2020.

Mining industry donations and research funding

Worker rights

Mental health, policing

Financial transparency

Climate justice and divestment from fossil fuels

Anti-black racism, diversity, equity

UT faculty and librarians