UofT and GTA

Knowledge Equity Lab, Centre for Critical Development Studies, University of Toronto, Scarborough

The Knowledge Equity Lab (“KEL”) is a trans-disciplinary and inclusive space that seeks to challenge the multiple forms of exclusion within the highly unequal structure and socio-technical conditions of knowledge production and exchange. Housed in the Centre for Critical Development Studies at UTSC, the lab enables collaboration and partnerships with community members who share the goal of greater knowledge inclusion, epistemic diversity, and the centering of marginalized and underrepresented knowledge as a means of social justice and social change. A member of our research team, Leslie Chan, has played a central role in the initiative.

Innovation Hub, University of Toronto

The Innovation Hub is a student-led initiative. The students collaborate with partners at the University to research strategies for improving the campus experience. They help connect members of the U of T community and provide opportunities for all of them to grow and build solutions together.

Ethnography Lab, University of Toronto

The Ethnography Lab promotes ethnographic research methods and practice in the university and outside academia. Arranged in interest groups, the Lab explores the craft and impact of ethnography in the contemporary world. The Lab offers a regular speaker series, acts as a resource centre to the university community, and as a link to the outside world via consulting, community activism, and so on. It also has a strong focus on teaching the practical aspects of ethnographic fieldwork at the undergraduate level.