Amanda Harvey-Sanchez

I am a Ph.D. student in the Anthropology Department, Collaborative Specialization in Environmental Studies, pursuing research on climate justice, social movements, and political economy in Canada. My research project examines the practices and collaborations through which grassroots climate justice groups organize and mobilize around a “just transition” in Canada. My Ph.D. research draws on both traditional and digital ethnographic methods to explore how climate justice activists conceptualize and actualize a just transition at the intersection of broader structures of power such as colonialism, capitalism, and patriarchy.  Previously, during my master’s, I researched Indigeneity, education, and global development in Kerala, India.

With University Worlds, my work will further our understanding of the university as a site of protest, activism, and solidarity to address issues including social, environmental, and racial justice. Mainly, I am interested in exploring the pathways through which political decisions are made at the university and the role that various actors (students, faculty, administration, staff) play in interrogating, contesting, and shaping politics at/of the university. I am also supporting research examining the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on labour and employment at the university.